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Elida Field is a professional artist who specializes in mixed media & acrylic painting. She is the owner of Elida Art Studio & Gallery, TV personality for AM Northwest, teaches art workshops, paints live for auctions, & leads Artistic Tours to Italy, Greece, & beyond. She is a mother of three, world traveler, avid salsa dancer, and Barre3 enthusiast. 

Nationally recognized, her work has been featured in the White House, on the cover of magazines, and can be seen in commercial & private collections. Her most recent accolade was winning both People’s Choice and Best of Show 2013 awards for the “HeArt’s of Clark County” exhibit & auction. 

Currently, Elida is working on her latest series called “Dancing In Red.” By using a palette knife and thick paint, she can channel her passion for dancing into her paintings, creating works that are pulsing with life & vivacity! It is “that moment of complete freedom” that she wants her viewers to feel, allowing them to become an active part of the painting.

Elida pride’s herself in being able to teach “those who can only draw stick figures” & would love to facilitate any artistic adventure you are willing to take! To learn more about her paintings/prints, workshops, live auctions, & Artistic Tours to Italy and beyond, visit www.elidaart.com 

Website: ElidaArt.com 

Facebook Business Page: Elida Art Studio & Gallery 

Instagram: justelidaart 


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