Art Supply List from Michaels

Here is the list of everything you need to get your creative groove on. Although I prefer Utrecht Studio Brand from Blicks, Grumbacher is the next best thing and Liquitex Basics will do the trick. Try to avoid Artist Loft and other craft types of paints because they just don’t have very much pigment and your paintings won’t be as brilliant as they should be! 

Acrylic Paints:

Grumbacher tubes run $6.99 each (currently there’s a coupon for 20% off) and if you plan to paint a lot, get a few tubes each or go to Blicks and order the Utrecht brand from my other list.

Grumbacher Acrylic paints 3oz tubes

Alizarin Crimson # 10053963
Thalo Blue # 10053990
Ultramarine Blue # 10053995
Cadmium Red (medium hue) # 10053976 Cadmium Yellow (medium hue) # 10053978 Titanium White # M10053978


Mars Black # 10053985
Burnt Umber # 10053969
Golden® Heavy Body Iridescent Acrylics 2oz. Item # D045637S, # 10196585

If you prefer larger tubes, you can go with Liquitex Basics, but they don’t have all of the colors I suggest.
Liquitex Acrylic Paints 8oz tubes

Cadmium Red Medium Hue # 10474504 Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue # M10474509 Titanium White # 10474522
Utramarine Blue # 10474521

Optional-Mars Black # 10474515



Brown Tempera Angular Paintbrushes $5.99 10514942.html
Royal & Langnickel Pro Crafters Choice $8.99 angular-variety-brush-set/10622674.html

Palette Paper Pad $6.39


Get the packs of canvases for the best value...I usually use 11”x14” for most of the paint nights, but I’ll include a few different classic sizes.

8”x10”pack of 10 necessities/10131568.html

11”x14” pack of 7 necessities/10131569.html

10”x20” pack of 6 necessities/10473166.html

Artist Loft Palette knives are fun for many projects...

In store palette knives:
Artist Loft Palette Knife: $3.99

Artist Loft Set of 5: $14.99

Online Only:
Studio 71 Set of 5: $14.99

Art Supply List from Blicks


8”x 10” pack of 10:

11”x14” pack of 7:

12”x12” pack of 7:

*Blick Premier Gallery Profile 36”x36”:

Acrylic Paints: Utrecht Studio Acrylic Paints
These are a great paint with the best value for your dollar. I also love the Utrecht Artists Colors, but they are more expensive. I use these everyday and then supplement with Golden paint for that extra pop of color.

-Crimson (in other brands Alizarin Crimson)
-Medium Red (in other brands its Cadmium Red medium hue)

-Medium Yellow (in other brands its Cadmium Yellow medium hue)

-Pthalo Blue

-Ultramarine Blue

-Bright White (in other brands Titanium White)


Paint brushes:

I usually start with 3 brushes but this set comes with 5. Bonus! If you buy them somewhere else, make sure you have at least a 1/2” or 1/4” angled brush, a small round, and a 3/4” or 1” flat brush.


Paper Palettes:

9”x 12”




These are a few of the products I use for either drawing on the canvas, adding texture and finishing sprays etc.
Conte Crayons:

Modeling paste extender:

Gloss gel medium :

Non yellowing varnish: