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A Women's 3-Day Workshop Around Sexual Health And Art

Dates Coming Soon

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Camas, WA


Dates coming soon

Fri, , 7 pm - hors d'oeuvres and opening class

Sat, , 9 am to 4 pm - sexual health workshop & painting class

Sun, , 9 am to 4 pm - mixed media art project/individual consult

**Sat & Sun include coffee, snacks, and lunch

Elida Art Studio & Gallery, 735 Northeast 6th Ave., Camas, WA 98607

Do you ever pee your pants when you jump? Has your body changed after having kids? Have you given up on your libido? Do you shame your body? Are you asking yourself if you'll ever be normal again? Me too!


Physical therapist and owner of Lake City Physical Therapy, Sheree DiBiase, will give you the tools you need to have healthy sex, bladder function, bowel movements, and a new way of looking at your body. Elida Field, artist and owner of Elida Art Studio & Gallery, will lead you through creative mixed media projects to commemorate your experience.

You Will Get:


  •  painting lessons with two finished art pieces

  •  Instruction with journal prompts

  •  yoga

  •  a free app for your sexual health

  •  a one-on-one consultation with Sheree

  •  optional musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnosis (for a reduced fee - usually covered by insurance)

Cost: $595

Meet The Workshop Facilitators

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Sheree DiBiase,

Lake City Physical Therapy



I had been married 7 years and had  terrible hip pain and I just figured good sex was not an option. I had no idea my hip pain had a lot to do with my pelvic floor muscles being too tight. I learned how to stretch my pelvic floor muscles and my hip pain is gone and I can actually enjoy sex.  ~ Linda J. 

My Mom died when I was young and I grew up with my Dad as an only child. I didn’t know that I should be able to have an orgasm. I was married 9 years before I learned in pelvic physical therapy that muscles being too tight affect blood flow to the floor, and once they could move better I could have an organism. I now enjoy healthy sex with my partner.  ~ Sally R. 

I have always worked out a lot and I had the most wonderful partner but sexual activity was always painful. The muscles of the pelvic floor were too tight from so much training and not enough specific stretching. In pelvic physical therapy I learned how to relax these muscles with specific stretching abs exercises and I can now enjoy healthy sex. ~ Cindy S. 

Five years ago I crashed snow boarding and hit my tailbone very hard. It didn't break but since then I’ve had a lot of bowel constipation and painful sex. I had no idea that I had bruised the muscles there and created scar tissue, but with pelvic health physical therapy I have healed this tissue, so I no longer have to strain to poop and I can have sex without pain. Forever grateful.  ~ Kathy F. 

After my last baby I didn’t feel very good. It felt like my bottom was “falling out” and when we tried to have sex nothing felt right down there. I thought maybe it was just what I had to live with. I got referred to pelvic physical therapy and I learned how to contract my pelvic floor muscles using a “four door technique” and now I feel so much better.  I can actually play with my kids and run again.  ~ Mary G. 

I thought having a leaky bladder while jumping on my trampoline with my kids was “normal”.   Little did I know that it wasn’t. 
In pelvic floor physical therapy I learned that my abdominal muscles and my pelvic floor muscles work together and after the baby, my stomach muscles and my floor muscles were too weak and not working together. I can now go back to the gym and jump on my trampoline with no leakage. Thxs so much.  ~ Hilary W. 

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Image by Matthieu Joannon
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Image by Jackson Blackhurst
Image by Sarah Elizabeth

Welcome To Camas, WA

There is so much to do in Camas, from great restaurants and bars to shopping. There are several local trails to discover while you're here visiting Camas too, so don't forget your walking shoes. Click the PDF button below for a complete list of recommended places to stay and activities.

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