Yupo is a synthetic, tree-free paper with a very silky surface & is

waterproof. The paint tends to flow and blend with a mind of its own.

It’s fun, different & a little challenging- but the outcome is worth it!


In this class you will have the opportunity to get to know Yupo as we paint a  bear, beautiful fall leaves and a majestic mountain landscape.


Dates: November 9th : 9 am - 4 pm


Location: Elida Art Studio, 735 NE 6th Ave., Camas, WA


Instructor: Tamra Sheline


Cost: $135, includes Yupo Paper and instructions, lunch 


Supplies: We ask you to bring watercolor paints & brushes. Please see the list for details on what you should bring for the class.




I focus this class on techniques and to get you more comfortable with Yupo.

Please bring suggested supplies to the class if you can. I encourage you to be flexible and use what you have whenever possible. We can adapt the colors and brushes to what you already have.

WATERCOLOR BRUSHES: Sable or synthetic or a blend of the two (synthetic is cheapest). Try to get the sharpest point. 1 Flat brush; 2 Round brushes #2 or 3 AND #10 or 12 (size varies with different companies. If you like working big, go bigger with your brushes.)

PAPER: Yupo paper will be supplied for projects.

WATERCOLOR PAINTS: I will be instructing with Watercolor Paints from the tube. If you already have water- colors, you do not need to purchase these particular colors. They are suggestions. Starting with a smaller number of colors is better. My favorite paint companies are: Daniel Smith, DickBlick and M.Graham BUT if purchasing a beginner set- generic is ok just make sure to get tubes.

•Yellow (Hansa, Cadimum or Indian)

•Ultramarine Blue

•Black (Lamp or Ivory)

•Alizarin Crimson •Sap Green •Cerulean Blue
•Burnt Umber

PALETTE: White is best- I personally use a Butcher Tray Palette (a plate is fine too)

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Paper towels (I prefer Viva), Q-tips cotton swabs, Watercolor pencil, Hairdryer (optional as

I’ll have some extras)

I will have extras of many of the items- let me know if you need to borrow anything. In this class, my main focus is on teaching techniques and getting you familiar with YUPO!

Watercolor on Yupo Workshop

  • Missed classes will not be credited or refunded. By signing up for this class, you grant to Art with Elida permission to reproduce your name and likeness in any publication of Art with Elida intended for promotional, educational, or other related use.



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