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Check these out.

If Art-Women-Wine classes aren't your jam, or you're just looking for something else, here are some other ways you can engage in art!

Online classes

You don't live near the studio, or the times aren't right, or you'd just rather not be around fun people who are painting and drinking wine, but you'd still like to learn how to paint. These classes are for you. Elida teaches a variety of mediums and techniques so you can become a better artist.



Sometimes it's a new technique. Or helping you sell your art. It may be a collaboration with cooking great food or growing as a person. If you're looking for a one or two-day intensive that will propel you forward as an artist, or an evening of art and (fill-in-the-blank), then check out our offerings.



You've got the people, the theme, and the reason to celebrate. You just need the main card -- Elida! She'll bring the whole kit and caboodle, including the entertainment. All you have to do is name the place and time.


Free Art Classes

You've gotten to know Elida through her heart-felt blog posts or her book, or (more likely) you met her on the plane or in the coffee shop, and you'd just like to do something fun with her that's free and easy. Well, here you go.

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