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Edenwild Retreat

October 21-24, 2021

Part 1: Art and R&R on Lopez Island.
Join us and experience Edenwild.


Edenwild(er) Retreat

October 27-30, 2021

Part 2: Art and R&R on Lopez Island. Open to past Edenwild attendees.

About Our Tours
Our tours are boutique-style tours designed for small groups of people. We aren’t fond of the loudspeakers or the headsets you must wear with large tours. We believe the best way to experience travel is like family, so sharing a bottle of wine at sunset, rolling out pasta dough for dinner, or painting on the veranda is what we do!

Our Tour Guide



“The Entertainer”

It all started back in 2010 when Elida created her first tour for her Art-Women-Wine students… 12 women, 12 days, and a priest in Italy. As of today, she’s organized and led over 27 boutique-style tours to Italy, Greece, and beyond. Elida is a professional artist who’s passionate about people, travel, and — you guessed it — art!  As a single mother of three, she knows how stressful it can be to have a busy schedule while trying to organize a trip, especially international trips where language, cultures, and customs are different. On Elida tours, she takes out the stressful parts of traveling, curating the best places and activities. Each day is fun-filled; your job is simply to show up. 

Meet The Travel Team

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Stephanie - “The Art Director"

Along with being a professional artist, a wife, and a mother of two, Stephanie is also the queen of organization! She is mainly behind the scenes keeping the website up-to-date, answering your emails, and keeping Elida on track (which takes some doing). At times, Stephanie will step to the front and assist on tours, and then you’ll get to experience the adventure-loving part of her. 

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Jorge - “The Bodyguard”

Jorge is Elida’s partner in life and love. Originally from the Dominican Republic and a native Spanish speaker, other languages and cultures come naturally to him. Jorge has become a staple on many of our trips, especially with larger groups. A former professional baseball player, his presence acts as protection for our group. You can usually find him bringing up the rear, keeping a watchful eye on the group. He also will offer to carry your bags, grab you a water, or God forbid, carry you off the mountain if you ever need it. 

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Father Bruno - “The Rogue Artist Priest”

Father Bruno has traveled the world many times over. He’s Italian, he speaks five languages, and yes, he’s a priest! Having led the study abroad program for 25 years at Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy, he has a plethora of knowledge and experience.  Whether he’s leading a hike in Tuscany or a mass on the beaches of Sorrento, Fr. Bruno brings a lot of life and laughter. His duties as an active priest come first, but when we are lucky enough to have him join the group, you’re in for a real treat that may include singing “the lemon song” or dancing on the tables.

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Malu Ranieri - “The Italian Connection”

Malu is the quintessential southern Italian woman. Born and raised in Puglia, Italy, she brings a perspective and love of her country like none other. She and her husband Davide are both teachers, historians, and world travelers. At times, they may join us for part of the tour, but their most important work is behind the scenes. They work exclusively with Elida at providing the best of the best that Italy has to offer, whether it be private cooking lessons at their family’s home, or booking a private tour at a local vineyard. They help us see an insider’s view of Italy.  

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