Art serves many purposes.  It can be thought- provoking or mind-numbing, tragic or full of life.   How art makes one feel makes it important.   Evoking feelings from yourself and others renders it a gift.  When choosing a piece of artwork you should ask yourself one question, “does it inundate me with feeling?”  If the answer to that question is emphatically “yes,” you are making a great investment, both financially and personally.   I believe in the importance of surrounding ourselves with people and things we can’t live without, brought on by anything from devout love to pure intrigue.

As an artist, I am most flattered when someone chooses to display a piece of my art in their personal space.  Knowing people have invited me into their lives through my paintings is what I graciously live my life for.

I am constantly striving to develop my work.  It is my goal for others to experience this journey with me – to view my work witnessing an unmistakable evolution.  Up to the present, my paintings have taken onlookers over the rolling hills of landscapes of Italy, into the depths of color drenched florals.  For any artist, such subjects are strong, beautiful and sound.  However, as I mature as a woman and an artist, I find I am able to go forth with confidence into areas I previously would have kept at a safe distance.

My paintings on “Woman” have pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a new pattern of looking within for my true feelings.  I had to ask myself many questions about what “Woman” means to me.   Painting a picture that successfully posed the same question to others was a challenging artistic undertaking.  By compiling definitions, stories and photos of women and fixing them onto wood panels, I feel I have created a perfect backdrop for my loosely painted feminine figures.  These “women” draw us in with their engaging forms and striking contrasts from a distance, yet allow discovery of something new and interesting with each approaching step.  In every aspect, to me, they are the definition of “Woman.”  I hope you find as much inspiration and fulfillment in the “Woman” paintings, as I have in the soul-searching process of creating them.



  • BA Fine Art, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX

Current Showings:

  • Elida Art Studio & Gallery 735 N.E. 6th Avenue Camas WA 98607

Past Showings:

  • Art On The Boulevard, Vancouver, WA 2008
  • The Uncommon Gift, Camas, WA 2008
  • Satsang Yoga, Vancouver, WA 2008
  • Historic Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA 2007
  • Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver, WA 2006
  • Glass Chameleon, Bend, OR 2004-2006
  • Attic Gallery, Portland, OR 2002-2006
  • The Daily Grind, Waxahachie, TX 1999

Published Works:

  • NW Women’s Directory, cover 2006
  • The Creation Interpretation, by Catie Frates, illustration 1997