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Business Made Simple
by Donald Miller

Many artists think sheer talent and creativity are all they need to turn their art into a lucrative business. In this week’s episode, Elida Field shares her process for how she defeated the “starving artist” phase and built a profitable career as an artist. If you’re a creative and need a plan to help you monetize your art and build a successful career, this episode will help!

The Portfolio Life
by Jeff Goins

* How reaching out to other artists and influencers can help you grow.

* Why so many people have preconceived beliefs that they’re not “artists” when they really are, and how you can fight against that negative belief.

* What happens when children realize that their parents are just people who don’t know the answers to everything.

* How to make a living doing what you love.

* How you can find different ways to use your artistic side to create diverse income streams. The process of finding your artistic flow.

by Jenny & Sharon

The ladies of Visible and Elida talk about finding your inner artist in midlife.

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