Balancing Act is a part of the Abstracts series. The original is available. Giclee prints on canvas with artist embelishments as well as prints on museum-quality paper are also available. 


Original artwork: 16x40 = $1,469

Print: 16x40 on canvas with artist embellishments = $575

Print: 16x40 on museum-quality paper = $150


When creating this painting I wanted to use fluorescent pink.  I’m drawn to texture and squares so it’s not a surprise this piece has so much depth, and the bulk of the shapes are square.

I think my favorite part is the quiet white space through the center.  It’s this calm that sits right next to the bold.  In life, we need breaks...moments of calmness to breath next to the chaos. Too much chaos and the painting would be overwhelming and too much calmness and you’d find the piece boring.  So in painting and in life it’s finding the balance.

This piece has it...a perfect juxtaposition of balance.

Balancing Act