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Cloudy Bingo Cherry is part of the Abstract series. The original is available. Giclee prints on canvas with artist embelishments as well as prints on museum-quality paper are also available.


     Along with summer camp, blue jeans, and rock and roll, the rural landscapes and farms we are surrounded with here in the west are Americana at its best! This painting was inspired by a small slice of heaven in the San Juan islands. Our muted Pacific Northwest colors make up the color palette and I added a few sheep because, well, who doesn’t love sheep? If the pastoral countryside gives you that same feeling of “home” that it does to me, you’ll be carried away whenever you see this painting.


Original: 30x40, acrylic on canvas = $2759


Print: 30x40 on canvas with artist embellishments = $1380


Print: 30x40 on musem-quality paper = $265

Print: 18x24 on museum-quality paper = $95




Cloudy Bingo Cherry