These are the materials required for Art~Women~Wine and Art for Teens. You can purchase these items here or print out this list and bring the items to class. 	Paints: (Preferably Utrecht brand student grade from Blicks)			Phthalo Blue		Alizarine Crimson (Utrecht brand…Crimson)		Ultramarine Blue		Cadmium Red Medium Hue (Utrectht brand…Medium Red)		Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue (Utrectht brand…Medium Yellow)		Titanium White			(1) throwaway pallette paper pad (prefereably 50 sheets)	Brushes: 1/2″ angled brush, 1″ flat, 1 small pointed brush	Canvases: 1 small 8″x10″ & 1 medium 12″x16″, 14″x18″ or 16″x20″	Extras: 1 1/2″ or larger three ring binder, pencils, conte crayons or chalks for sketching,	paper towels.