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How to go on a Date with Yourself for Under $10


Summer has been a revolving door here at La Casa de Elida. The “frat boys” (my adult children who are in college) are home and it seems like there are family or friends visiting non-stop.

Now don’t get me wrong! I love it! Summer is my favorite season and if my floors are sandy from days at the beach, my counters sticky from eating delicious barbecue, and my house filled with blaring reggaeton music, then my sunny staycation is going exactly as planned.

But … I also get burnt out (pun intended)! Sometimes, I need a date without anyone—no kids, no friends, no family, not even a hot Italian guy (okay, I might need another date with him).

If no hot Italian guys are around, however, I long for a day alone.

I get why God calls us to observe the Sabbath—it’s not a suggestion, either, but one of the Ten Commandments. I think he makes it such a big deal because we desperately need it! And, sadly, we’re so likely to ignore it.

Rest and relaxation looks different for each of us and it’s important to be honest about what you need. Now, I’m on a budget and things have gotten so expensive with inflation. To add to the pain in my… budget, I just got back from Italy where I could enjoy a $5 Aperol Spritz or a $3 glass of wine. So, I will share with you my little date day I did for under $10 and it was just what I needed. Instead of feeling like a cheap date, I felt pampered and restored. Click here to…

Ohhh and, speaking of a little time for yourself, we are just releasing details about our two retreats: Edenwild and Return to Edenwild. Fall is coming fast and I’m sure that by October, you’ll be ready for a break. This is a true investment in yourself. When you return home, you’ll feel refueled and rejuvenated before the holidays. It’s just what the doctor ordered!



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