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What Are You Doing to Live Your Best Life Now?


If you are reading this, I’m probably in Tanzania right now…or maybe Zanzibar.

Traveling was a dream of mine and I somehow made it happen by the grace of God.

Yep, I am living my best life and you should be too!

Are you doing the things you love and spending time with the people you love?

Are you saying, “yes” to what’s best or just saying “yes” to things that you should be doing?

Are you spending your money and your time on what you value most?

Thirteen years ago, I threw out a prayer that went something like this:

Hey God, it’s me. Sorry, sorry, sorry for anything I’ve done wrong. And I know there’s been plenty. But you know me, Elida, the one and only down here. Anyhow, I really want to be in Europe for like four to six weeks a year and I’d love to show my kids the world. I don’t know if you can even make that happen, but that would be really awesome if you could.

And then, guess what?

It happened.

I have led tours to Italy and traveled in Europe for six to eight weeks a year for over ten years now and I did all of that while being a single mom starting off right in the throes of a messy divorce. And in my travels all over the world, I’ve also had the opportunity to take my kids on lots of adventures.

It was a “Hail Mary” (as in football) prayer but God listens to all of your prayers and he also equips you to make your dreams a reality.

How did this happen?

I started to prioritize what was really important to me instead of going with the flow of what was expected.

I put my money and time into actually curating my dream life.

For me, that list included lots of travel and time with my favorite peeps on the planet. It also meant dancing, painting, exercising, and trying new things. But it was not just about fun, though you all know how much that word calls to me. It was also empowering women and giving to missions and causes that call to my heart.

Guess what? I don’t spend a lot of money on expensive toys, house decór, or even clothes. Okay, I do spend money on shoes (Sorry! It’s a genetic glitch from my mom!) And I value really good food. I can’t afford to eat out often, but when I do, I savor really yummy food and will splurge on a meal. But a new car isn’t important to me. Most of my furniture has been found on Facebook marketplace or garage sales. When I reflect on how I live, I can say with confidence that my values align with where I spend my money and time and …

I am definitely living my dream life.

What about you? When you sit down and get really honest with yourself, what do you see when you close your eyes and imagine your ideal life?

Are you actively spending your time and money to make that happen?

I hope that everyone can look back and say, “Yeah, I have created my dream life and I’m living the dream right now!”

If you always wanted to travel and haven’t made that a reality, start by:

Or maybe part of your dream life is to be more creative. If so, why don’t you …

  • join me at the studio for a complimentary class (just email Stephanie at

  • take one of my online classes here

  • come dancing with me on a Wednesday night (email Stephanie at

  • look up local groups in your area where you might join a creative group.

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start and soon you’ll be sayin’, “I’m living the dream!”



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