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Antique Potted Topiaries

Gettin’ Artsy With Elida

“Antique Potted Topiaries”

Spring is finally here! Pick a bundle of your favorite silk flowers and grab an old clay pot to make these show stoppers! These make great arrangements for weddings, receptions,

Mother’s Day, parties or just for your own table-scaping purposes. With a price point below $5, you can’t afford not to make one!

Watch the video here:


~floral foam balls (or softball sized whiffle balls)

~one bundle of hydrangeas or 3 bundles of silk flowers (per topiary)

~4” clay pots

~white acrylic paint (or any colors you’d like to paint your pot)

~dark brown paint or stain

~paint brushes

~moss or extra foliage for embellishments

~hot glue gun (optional...only if using whiffle balls)

Making “Antique Potted Topiaries”:

~First, cut the hydrangea stem near the end bunch of flowers about 4-5 inches down...or take all of the silk flowers off of their stems if using the whiffle ball.

~Next, cut the floral foam ball in half and place half into each pot. Simply stick your stem of hydrangeas into the middle of each floral foam and add some moss on top. If you are using individual flowers, use your hot glue gun & make a line of glue around each of the whiffle ball holes and press the flower stem first into each hole. Continue on until

you have half of the whiffle ball covered with flowers.

~Set the whiffle ball into the 4” pot with the flowers exposed and the ball inserted into the pot.

~You can add a little hot glue around the rim of the pot to keep the flowers secure.

Antiquing your clay pots:

~To make your clay pots look antiqued, paint with white acrylic paint and very little water back and forth from side to side around the pot. I call this the dry brush technique. After this is dry, mix a little dark brown paint with a lot of water around the pot in the same fashion you painted the white. This will soak into the cracks and create an aged,

antique look. You can do this with stain as well. This will achieve that rustic French look that is so popular right now. Also if done in blue, it will look very “beachy” and fresh.

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