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4th of July Explosive Art

Gettin’ Artsy With Elida

“4th of July Explosive Art”

The July 4th holiday is just around the corner! So Professional Artist, Elida Field, stopped by with a fun art project to do with your kids!

Summer is finally here (whoohooo!!!) & July 4th is just around the corner! I love watching the fireworks explode with color across the night sky. I thought it might be fun for us to make our own artistic fireworks using highly pigmented alcohol inks! Whether you catch the fireworks display this year or not, you can certainly add some explosive color to your personal space and it can stay up all year round.

Watch the video here:


  • Yupo paper or photo paper

  • special alcohol solution for inks or rubbing alcohol

  • adrinoback alcohol inks in a variety of colors

  • small straws

  • white or black paper or boards for mounting

Making “Color Explosions”:

  • Pick 3-5 colors that will work well if blended together. It might be easier to keep with warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or cool colors (purple, blue, green).

  • Using your alcohol solution drop one dot onto your Yupo paper and then drop on top of that dot 1-3 drops of the different colors.

  • Immediately blow through your straw onto the dot, pushing the colors from the center outwards.

  • You can continue throughout the page doing the same thing...maybe even using one color per dot for some of the color splashes as you don’t need multiple colors in each one.

  • You can also try dropping more of the solution on top of the color splashes and adding more colors that way too.

  • When you’ve filled your page with color splashes, let the inks dry.

  • Mount your paper on canvas boards, wood or paper. You can also use two sided tape to hang them on a window so the light can shine through them and give the effect of a stain glass window.

  • Play around with blowing the colors, how much solution to use and layering effects.

This project can be very addicting as you see the painting transform with each little drop of ink or alcohol solution.

Please comment below to be entered to win one of the Fireworks pieces featured on AM NorthWest!

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