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Upcycle your Old Mirror or Frames

Gettin’ Artsy With Elida

“Upcycling Old Mirrors and Frames”

Need a new summer look or revamp of style in your home? Before tossing those old frames or mirrors, try these simple techniques that aren’t difficult to do and can make a big difference with minimum money and time!

Watch the video here:

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Materials List:

  • Any sized wood frame or mirror.

  • Paint brushes (1/2” to 1”size)

  • Throw away paper palette or styrofoam plate

  • Acrylic paints...(any depending on the color you want. To make the turquoise color I demonstrated you need pthalo blue, cadmium yellow & white.)

  • Sand paper (medium weight)

  • Oil based stain or burnt umber acrylic paint

  • Varnish or Finishing Spray/ matte or glossy (optional)

How to Revamp Your Old Mirror or Frames:

1. Remove any glass, pictures, backing etc. from the frame. Make sure it is clean and free of dust or dirt. If you are doing a mirror, make sure to tape off the mirror or cover with heavy paper.

2. Lightly sand paper the entire frame. Remember to sand with the grain and not against it. Don’t worry about sanding it too completely, just get it roughed up and make sure the finish is dulled.

3. Paint the entire frame using your 1/2” to 1” brush ( I used turquoise on the show). Depending on the original color, you may want some of that to show through, so brush lightly over the frame but leave some of the edges exposed.

4. Let the frame dry completely (15 minutes)

5. Option 1: Lightly sand the edges bringing up the old wood color underneath and giving your frame a distressed look.

Option 2: Lightly paint over the frame with watered down burnt umber acrylic paint, or with a stain of any color you’d like to use. Let the darker color seep into the edges and you can wipe off the excess with a paper towel. This will give it a more aged or vintage look.

6. You can spray with a finishing spray in matte or gloss if you’d like extra protection. Do this in a well ventilated area or outside with the proper plastic or covering on the ground and let it dry completely before bringing indoors.

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