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How Having a Tribe Can Help You to Become Amazing


Do you have a tribe?

Is there someone cheering you on as your biggest fan?

Are you surrounded with positive, like-minded people who love you and celebrate you and your accomplishments?

A couple months ago, we celebrated our annual Art-Women-Wine show and it was such a lovely celebration of creative women coming together. We ate, drank, laughed, chatted and cheered one another on throughout the evening. My heart was full at the end of the night and I was reminded of how important it is to have a community of people who support you.

Later, I reflected on some of my closest friendships and how we have helped each other over the years. I have a core group of girlfriends who we call the “soul sisters.” One of them is my friend Beth who says she’s an introvert, but lately I’m not so sure. Over the years, she has blossomed into the most alluring flower. She was always exquisite, but wasn’t ready to reveal it to others.

Beth’s been going out all of the time—hiking here, catching drinks and dinner with another friend there. She went dancing with me the other night and brought the house down with a mock pole dance and followed it up with shadow dancing behind strangers. It seems as if she is more vibrant, true, and authentic than I’ve ever seen her before. Daily, I get to see the best Beth because she is finally allowing her best self to emerge.

I’m confident that part of Beth’s transformation has been a result of being part of the “soul sisters.” The amazing thing about having a core group of friends you really trust is that it creates a foundation for you to feel stable enough to open up and share the deepest, most intricate parts of yourself with the wider world.

Now, she’s moved to Croatia. That’s right, my little introverted friend has sold her house and all of her belongings and has moved across the Atlantic on her own, is now enrolled in language school and is living her best life! I am so sad, like a piece of my heart will be missing, but I know that she is following her dream and seeing her in Croatia is like seeing someone who has been lost and has finally found her way home.

You and I might not be in the same town or even the same continent, but please know that over here in my little corner of Camas, I’m cheering for you! You need to know that you are a ten, ten, ten and I’ll tell you that repeatedly until it sticks. If you live near, please come and check out our little tribe here in the studio. It’s a safe place for “soul sisters.” It has an atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong. When you walk in, you’re family.

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