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I Hate Tours...So Why Join Mine?


Serious confession. I hate tours.

I know, I know. How can a professional tour guide say that? But hear me out.

I don’t like being a number, just one in a huge crowd of tourists all trying to do the same thing. The checklists, the uninspiring itinerary, the strict schedule, the crappy food. And if there is someone in charge with a loudspeaker waving a selfie stick with a flag on it and trying to talk to me over thousands of other people, count me out.

That’s just not for me.

In fact, I actually don’t like to be a tourist at all unless I’m the only one, and the place and people I’m visiting really are excited about me being there.

So why in the world would I make a tour to Italy?

Well, let me tell you.

When we go to Cagli, Italy, the mayor announces in a very excited fashion, “The Americans are here!”

I like that. And I’ve spent years developing experiences that feel the same way. Special. Unique. Personal.

So here’s a few reasons why — if you’re like me and you think that tours aren’t for you — you should still consider joining mine.

1. This isn’t a typical tour.

When I first designed this tour, it was simply to take my own group of Art-Women-Wine artists with me to Italy. I just planned everything I wanted to do as a solo traveler and shared that itinerary with them. I never intended it to be more than just “that one trip to Italy,” but then I realized how special and different our tour was and thought that maybe, other people like you, would enjoy it too. Since then, I’ve made some huge improvements to make my tours run smoother and better, without losing that authentic, individualized touch.

2. It’s better to go with someone who knows.

There is something really special when you have local connections in a country. Having an Italian artist priest, Father Bruno, who has led multiple tours to Italy before and is originally from there has been a huge bonus for us. We have met several of his friends and cultivated new friendships of our own. We can steer you clear from a potential money hustle on the streets of Rome, and whisk you away to the wine cellar of our old friend instead. With us, you not only get the safety and security of being in a group, but all of the benefits of the relationships we’ve made.

3. You don’t have to plan and it’s going to be fun.

Every morning on one of my tours, Susan would say to me,“In case I forget to tell you later, today was an awesome day!” She knew that whatever we had planned, it was going to be amazing and she could count on us to provide her with the best of Italy. I am zealous about giving you the best experience with the time and money we have.

So you can depend on me to show you a good time, and you can just relax and enjoy your time instead of stressing about the details. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a bunch of time trying to plan your next step when you could be enjoying where you are. Our team works very hard to take the hassle out of traveling so you can just show up and know, “Today is going to be fantastic!”

If you would like to be the first to know about our 2023 Tours to Italy, click this box below to get all the tips and tricks you’d want as a potential traveler. We know that it’s been a long few years and people are ready to enjoy new places, so don’t be left at home!


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