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Let Me Say “Thank You” by Showing You How to Get a Free Class!


Hey, it’s the week of Thanksgiving and I just want to thank you for being you! I’m so grateful that you read my stories and share your time and life with me. Owing to your comments, your hugs, your time and your hard-earned money, my business and I get to claim a win. 

I get really sentimental this time of year. As the days get colder and the nights get longer, I slow down. I take more walks. The darkness and chill of the season gives me time to ruminate on all that I have. It’s the season for long hot baths, reading lots of books, and watching a few movies or shows in my cozy pajamas. I allow myself to eat and sleep more. And it’s a time for reflection. 

It’s also a time for building relationships and reconnecting with people … 

and your creativity. During this season, my weekly schedule has many hours dedicated to things like writing and painting. 

What about you? Are you doing anything creative with your time?

This Thanksgiving time can be busy for many. I get it. But there are a lot of you out there who have a break and it isn’t necessarily full of things to do and people to meet. And if that’s the case, then you, my friend, have a date with your creative side. 

Because I’m so blessed by you, I’d like to offer you this free online painting class. Just click on the button below to purchase the Heirloom Pumpkin online class to enjoy painting over the holidays with your friends and family. When you check out, type in the code “Thankful” and you’ll be on your way. Feel free to share this code with any of your friends and family who would enjoy doing something creative over the holidays.

If you find it in your heart to write us a review, I’d be so appreciative. Our goal is to be the creative spark to everyone we meet and so many people need a little creativity in their lives, so please share about us!

On a side note, I’m offering some really fun and whimsical paintings for the Black Friday Auction. This is a great way to score some paintings at a steep discount and to bring some original artwork from yours truly into your home. The auction will be open from Friday to Sunday. Go to my Facebook and check them out.




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