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Stop Future-tripping and Learn How to Dive into the Life You Have Right Now


It was a magical moment—you know those moments you never want to end. Then, a feeling of disappointment crept in.

I looked at him and said, “I’m kind of sad you are going. You leave tomorrow.”

He looked into my eyes and smiled, that kind that makes my knees buckle. “Elida, where are your feet?” he asked. (I looked down to make sure I was still standing.) “Be here, in this moment, with me. Come back and let’s just be together right now.”

I took a deep breath and I imagined grabbing a big heavy rope (you know, like the kind we used to play tug-of-war in gym class), and pulled future-Elida back to the present. This moment deserved all my attention.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am the queen of future-tripping! What if this happens? Or what could it mean if that falls through? And not all of the future-tripping is bad. Some of it is exciting. I have had soooo many adventures as future-Elida in my head. I’m in Spain with a beautiful man in a villa on the coast. Ohh nope, wait…now I’m in NYC with a gallery owner painting and showing my latest artwork in the Chelsea district. Hold on, change of plans…I’ve decided to open a surf/paint shop in Costa Rica and that hottie on the surfboard, yeah, you know the one with the tanned skin and six-pack abs, yeah, he’s my boyfriend.

The thing is, this life, the one I am actually living, deserves me 100%. I’m not trying to be a dream-squasher. I promise to jump on the dream-train with you at any moment, but I also am learning to slow down and just be present in this beautiful life I am actually living.

When I find myself on a hyperspeed highway to the future-Elida world, I remember to look down at my feet and remember where I am right now.

If you need some help getting your feet on the ground and getting back to finding joy in the present—both in your body and soul— join me at Edenwild.

Four days and three nights of island quietude will help you settle down and find where you are. I think every woman on the planet needs a little Edenwild-time in her life and if your heart skips a beat reading this, then consider it a sign you should come!

We are offering a special back-to-school sale for $100 off if you sign up this week. You’re going to need a regrounding in October for sure, before all of the holiday chaos begins.



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