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"Summer, Please Don’t Go!" How to Face the Fact that Fall is Coming


The blackberries are here and that always signals that summer is coming to an end.


I love summer. When it’s drawing to a close, it feels like having to break it off with that crush you had at kid camp. With all of the promises of “See you next year,” there is a sinking feeling that you’ll never see him again. And even if you do, it won’t be the same. One of you, at least, will have changed. You want to continue what you have here, now, and forever.

I feel like that with the sunny season. It feels so good and it never lasts long enough. But, alas, part of this Pacific Northwest life is a fleeting summer.

Fall, on the other hand, shows up like my period—an unavoidable guest who I’d prefer dodging.

This year, however, rather than allowing Autumn to show up as an unpleasant surprise, I’m going to try and face the fact that she’s coming with all of her rain and cold swooping in, and look for some of the good things I can expect. Heck! If I take the time to prepare for her coming, maybe I won’t get so depressed when she arrives!

When I look at my calendar, September sweeps through with all of its start-of-the-year craziness but October creeps by, slowly and methodically, with its shorter days and colder nights. The looming foreshadowing of a long, dark winter sets in with the fog and I need something to brighten my mood before the onslaught of holiday planning comes.

At the end of that interminable month, I schedule a bright spot: a trip to Lopez Island and a stay at Edenwild Inn!

Would you like to come?

We have the whole Inn to ourselves so it’s a little haven of feminine goodness with:

  • painting and music,

  • island exploring,

  • sunset gazing,

  • journal writing,

  • farm-to-table food, and

  • lots of laughs to fill your soul.

Women, you need this and, trust me, you will really feel how much you need it come late October. To combat the fall doldrums, plan a good time now!

Our Early Bird Special ends this week so don’t hesitate.

Looking forward to seeing you on the islands with a glass of wine in one hand and a brush in the other…ohhhh and probably a homemade chocolate chip cookie in my mouth (they always have some freshly baked ones at the Inn waiting for us).

P.S. This is your chance to save money and get ready for that uninvited visitor, Autumn! Grab that discount (a few hundred dollars) if you sign up before this Friday, August 11th.



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