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There is Always Room for You


A few years ago I hosted my first “Orphan Thanksgiving” for anyone who didn’t have a place to go on Thanksgiving Day. People from all phases of life joined us. We ate until we were stuffed and played music, games or watched movies until bedtime. The tradition continued for several years.

Those are now fond memories. I have long held the approach in life that there is always room at my table for you. Maybe this came from being a kid who didn’t want to fit into any one particular group at school so I would sit at different tables in the cafeteria at lunchtime. I didn’t want to be defined by any clique. I just wanted to be me and be friends with everyone.

“There is always room at my table for you” extends to my studio. Like my table, people who are experiencing different chapters in their lives, come to the studio for community and healing and growth. For some, it is a sacred place. Others have said that time in the studio is better than therapy.

I try to transfer that welcoming feeling to my tours as well. In a world where we are labeled and quickly divided, there is something about traveling together that forms a precious unity. It is wonderful to experience.

Funny, after all these years, I’m still that high school kid trying to connect all the different sets of people. In my studio, I get to take all of the tables that separate the camps and seat them around one big figurative table at my studio. And really, this can only be possible because of you. You trust me with your time and company. And for that, I’m deeply thankful.

As a way of thanks, I’m offering a special auction in which many of my small paintings start at 75% off. You will be able to purchase a piece of original art you love at an affordable price. This is a great opportunity to start your own art collection or add to one you’ve already begun.

Happy Thanksgiving from mi casa to yours!


Text "auction" to (833) 456-3465 to receive updates about the auction via text message.



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