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Why Saying "Yes" Makes Your Life More Interesting


I wasn’t going to do it because it was the first date. But … he kept talking to me with that French accent (notice how everything said in French sounds sexy?) And then, I allowed that lilting voice tempt me into watching his mouth, and those lips were begging to be kissed.

Soooo it happened and wowza! It was a kiss to be remembered. And it was the beginning of …

nothing much. No, we didn’t fall in love and get married in a chateau in the south of France. No, he didn’t whisk me away to a romantic getaway in Paris. And no, we didn’t even have many more dates.

But the kiss was worth it, and it inspired a beautiful diptych named French Kiss.

Sometimes, we overthink things. Or judge them according to outcomes. And that can limit us. It can cause us to miss out on some really fun opportunities that may not lead anywhere or to anything, but just make life interesting.

What if, the next time one of these chances comes your way, you just went for it?

I’m not recommending being reckless or leaping into a full-on relationship with a stranger, but what if you said “yes” to a kiss, a date, or a dance? What if you were open to enjoying some moments that previously you would have been closed off to? Let’s take this beyond a romantic gesture. What if you said, “yes” to reading a poem that you never had read before in public or “yes” to teaching a group of strangers bachata like I just did at a recent busking event at The Studio NW this past month (Check out the video).

In the end, you will feel the excitement of possibility. At minimum, you’ve created a good story. At its best, it could be exhilarating.

Life is a string of little moments.

If you’re willing to live some of those moments outside of your comfort zone, on reflection, you’ll find those experiences are the most memorable. Those are the ones that make you smile and build your confidence.

So my challenge to you is to say “yes” to things you normally wouldn’t and—as long as they aren’t unethical or immoral—just do it and have some fun.

Maybe try painting? We’re fundraising for two important organizations: Parents Association of Woodburn Students (PAWS) and Camas Athletic Booster Club. Give back to the community while trying something fun and new!

Or, if you’ve always wanted to travel, join our community of travelers who get tips and tricks for visiting Italy in the mailbox. It’s fun and it’s free!



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