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5 Fun, Family Ways to Celebrate Christmas this Year


Christmas is on its way!

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas is going to be hard.

I’m alone. Again. Sigh.

I know, I know, you’re right. I have my family, but you know what I mean. My kids are grown and flown and this is not how I was expecting this Christmas to be celebrated.

So, I’m trying to be preemptive and make sure that this Christmas will still be really special without that someone special. And the way I’ve come up with to do that is to focus on family traditions.

So here are some ideas which are not new, but I’m happy to share:

  1. Go Christmas caroling

A Christmas tradition in my family that has been honored since I was a kid is to bundle up, pile into a caravan of cars alongside loads of extended family, drive to random houses, press the doorbell, and sing our hearts out. Of course, after all these years, we’re expected by many families and they will share cookies or goodies, especially after we sing, “We want some figgy pudding, so bring it right here.” It’s kind of a silly tradition, very old-fashioned, but I have to admit, it brings us all together and brings a little surprise, joy and light to our neighbors.

2. Get a tree

Recently, many of my immediate and some of my extended family all went to the tree farm to get our trees. We drank hot cocoa and ate candy canes. Tramped around the property eyeing different trees. My mom even got a bunch of strangers to sing along with us on the tractor ride (practicing for our big recital on Christmas Eve). The day was so much fun and the time with everyone was so magical that I’m hoping this becomes a family tradition.

3. Decorate the tree

The next day, with a house still full of people, I asked everyone to help me decorate my tree — a chore I despise. The idea of doing this alone only added to the odious task. The whole family obliged, even Axel (although I’m not quite sure how much help a two-year-old is), and by the time dinner was ready, the tree was up and glowing. I was so thankful to have this task done while there was hustle and bustle about the house.

4. Have a family paint night

It’s going to be epic! Join other families in doing something unique and special for Christmas — being creative together.

You know, a lot of people say they value creativity and art. But if they never set aside time to actually do it, they aren’t really respecting their own values. Now is the time. If art is important to you, there is no better way to celebrate Christmas than doing something together with the people you love and creating.

5. Have a private paint party

This can go a couple of ways.

You know those awkward family gatherings where everyone asks each other the same questions and then people start to drift toward the TV room for relief? Well, what about changing it up? Give your family gathering a focus, a project, and a specific beginning and end. Doing a project side-by-side is a great way to prompt more interesting conversations and the long silences are okay because your hands will be busy (by the way, with me around, long silences just don’t happen).


Your favorite people. Your chosen family and friends. Your date and time. AND you get to choose the theme. I show up at your location of choice or my studio and bring the entertainment. I’ll guide the group through a painting and everyone goes home with a piece worthy of hanging up. This is a wonderful bonding time and such a fun way of being together.

Traditions are important whether it’s singing Christmas carols or getting Christmas trees. The important thing is to be intentional about spending time together and doing something. These are things that get passed down from generation to generation.

Share with me your Christmas or Holiday traditions. I’d love to hear about them!


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