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Do You Believe You’re Too Old to Experience Something Wonderful?


One of my new friends I met on my magical visit to Tanzania was Laurie, age 77, a widow who lost her husband just over a year ago. Sadly, her daughter has also passed away. In many ways, it can seem she is very alone.

But how is she facing this challenge?

Well, she decided to go on safari with our group, something she has always wanted to do but family responsibilities kept her from going.

On our first morning of travel, “Party Marty” decided we should all do shots… I mean, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I was still jet lagged and not ready to rally, which as you know, is rare, but 30 hrs of flying without sleeping definitely played a part in my decision to stay in.

But Laurie? She bellied up to the bar and took a shot like a champ with the rest of them.

And I watched with amazement as Laurie did every excursion, even the hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti.

She never missed any of the extra social functions either. She closed out every informal party and she didn’t complain about the heat, how tired she may have felt, and showed excitement for every new adventure, usually showing up early with a big smile.

She even did the tour add-on to Zanzibar. We had many pool parties drinking Amarula, a local liquor that puts Baileys’ to shame. We’d sit out on our deck and sip, contemplating life. All of our differences were sidelined as we shared this African experience for the first time together.

Laurie didn’t stop with this adventure. In fact, she is in England now as I’m writing this. She decided to extend her trip and spend some time with a friend. She texted our group from the airport saying how much she missed us. She felt a little lonely and sad sitting in the airport by herself. But it didn’t take long to meet some new friends, New Zealanders, and off to dinner and drinks she went with them. Today, she is hopping on and off the double-decker bus around London.

Of course she is!

Laurie taught me so much, but one of the most important lessons I was reminded of by watching her is this:

It's never too late to travel and try new things.

Maybe you are thinking That ship has sailed or I’m too old for that. Well, I’m here to help you see—with Laurie as proof—that isn’t true. Now is the time to see that marvel or learn that new skill.

I am so grateful I had this time to see Africa and meet new friends like Laurie. But I don’t want to stop there—I would love to spend some time with you! Now is your time to shine!

Have you considered trying one of these new things?


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