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First Fun, then Technique


When I first started teaching adults how to paint, I began with several classes on drawing and then led them into painting. This seemed like a natural progression. At the end of the six-week session, however, the women gave me some honest feedback.

Drawing was their least favorite part of the session.

I contemplated what they said and realized that most women were like me— stressed out and busy. What we all crave is a fun evening where we can drink wine, chat with fun people and forget about everything else for a few hours. I changed my classes right then.

Now, when you sign up for a class, the very first night you start mixing paints and jump into the fun stuff. As you relax and build more confidence in your art, you’ll be more open and excited about learning the foundational techniques.

Fun first!

I remember learning the same lesson with dancing. It was a difficult part of my life — I was just out of a messy divorce and trying to raise three young kids on my own.

I needed an outlet, so I signed up for Flamenco classes. I soon realized I was in the wrong place. Flamenco is heavy on technique. It is a solo dance, between dancer and the guitarist and very precise. What I needed, however, was to connect with people, let my hair down and not worry about doing everything “right.” I traded in my flamenco shoes for salsa shoes and headed to the salsa clubs where I have been sweating, dancing, and flinging my hair ever since.

Now, I am in a different stage in my life and I might be ready for a more technique-focused style of dancing, but I have spent the last decade having fun and that’s just what I needed.

If you need an outlet where you’d like to splash some paint, drink some wine, and let your hair down, come join me at the studio. It’s fun from the start. Technique will come eventually, but not until you’re ready! Oh, and you can always join me for salsa too!

Some of my favorite places to dance:

Aztec Willies (best Wednesday night Bachata...always fun Saturday too)

Shawn Gardners Dance Studio- 3 dance floors and teaches a variety of dance styles and classes. Also has live music sometimes

Rustix- some great Friday and Saturday night dancing, often with classes and performances

Norse Hall- on occasion has some good dance nights



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