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Have you lost your inner child? Time to revive your creative self...


I was recently interviewed on The Visible Show where we dove into a discussion about women in midlife and how we often sacrifice our creative selves to our other roles, whether it be wife, mom, caregiver, or career-woman. Since my mission in life is to inspire and help people reconnect with creativity, we outlined how to ignite that fire again.

At the end of the show, the girls asked me to give the listeners some homework. The homework I gave to them (and now to you) is this: get out your journal and write down all of the things you loved to do as a kid when nobody was bothering you. For me, it was spending a lot of time with the “Goat Lady,” tending her herd. I loved farm life. I also really enjoyed drawing and, sometimes, on Sunday nights after church, I snuck in an episode of Solid Gold and pretended I was a sexy dancer (my mother did not approve of the show).

The goal of this journaling exercise is to find those original interests that will make you feel like yourself again. Today, I don’t spend much time on the farm, but maybe I can work on pushing myself to spend more time outdoors? I guess I’m doing that by going to Costa Rica and learning to surf this winter! I also have been painting and dancing a lot these days so, “Hello, little Elida!”

There are creative things you did that have been pushed aside and moved to the back burner. Find those and do whatever you can to bring them back into your life! We really don’t change much, if we are honest. Before you were who you are now, you were just a child who experienced the world fearlessly and enjoyed things without hesitation. I bet if you dig down just below the surface, you’ll find that creative girl and bring her back!

Creating can be so helpful in curating a full and abundant life. And the time to start is NOW.

If you’d like to see or listen to the interview, check it out:

If you need a creative community,


Most of us dream of traveling to romantic places, and if that is you, now is the time to go.



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