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Help Your Friend Reset Her Life and Inspire Her to Feel Alive Again


A year ago on February 13, my nine-year relationship with Jorge finally collapsed. Granted, it had been on shaky ground for some time, but that did not take away the bewilderment and misery when I faced its utter destruction.

On Valentine’s Day, instead of a ring on my finger, I found myself alone, looking around at the shambles of my life, and wondering when I would find the strength to start picking up the pieces.

Sadly, this was not a new prospect. I’d been here before.

I guess you could say that if there was any silver lining it was this: I knew what to do.



Connect with my closest people.

I’m blessed to have a solid, healthy, and reliable circle of friends and family who love me. And they were there when I needed them. They helped me through.

I was so thankful for the phone calls. The invitations to dinner. The hugs. Tears. The coffee dates. But there was something in my future that promised even more profound relief from my pain.

It was a date on my calendar when I would fly away with a group of friends to travel through Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and wrap up the tour with a pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain.

I can’t tell you how consoling it was to know there would be a chance for escape. Distraction. A break from living in my own regular, routine world without him.

I flew to Mediterranean beaches, and ate and drank, danced and flirted, and talked and walked around the sunny climes of southern Europe and …

it was just what I needed.

When I returned home, I felt like I had a new outlook and resolve to face my difficult situation. The things that reminded me of my ex no longer held the same dread. And the projects that needed to be done held more allure. I was eager to get back into my home, my life, with a fresh perspective. It was like a reset button had been pressed.

Recognizing how helpful this change of scenery was to my soul, I planned ahead for the anniversary. When Valentine’s Day came, I knew that hanging around my house would be an invitation to revisit all of my sadness after I had already dealt with it through counseling and grief. I decided to be pre-emptive and booked a one-way ticket to Costa Rica. Again, a dear friend opened the door to his house and extended the invitation.

Disastrous Valentine’s Day anniversary averted.

So, back to friends — do you have a friend who is hurting? Dealing with a divorce? Maybe she is struggling to find her purpose and identity in an empty nest. Or maybe she is reeling after the death of someone special.

I had friends who nudged me into action. They said, “Hey, Elida, why don’t you …?”

And the rest is history.

If you’re thinking of someone who may need an idea, a change of scenery, a break from the pain she’s experiencing, share the chance to get away.

We have just a few spots left and time is running out.

Is traveling impossible right now? No worries.

Get her dreaming about an adventure someday.



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